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FastGovPay Kiosks by Visualnet Media, Inc


is the perfect size for more personal transactions, where customers might not want others to see what's on the screen. A privacy filter can be added to increase that level of security.

How to start and Ecommerce business

can be accessed via the bottom door, and IT Components can be accessed through the top door, each needing different keys to be opened to ensure maximum security

Merchant Accounts

in the past have been very expensive to deploy, but by standardizing the solution the goal of complete selfservice operations is much more attainable.



Utility Payments, Traffic Ticket Payments and Unattended Collections

BILL PAY KIOSK Fully Integrated with FundView

Ecommerce custom management
Best in Class

Best in Class Government Kiosk Solutions fully integrated with FundView. The FastGovPay Kiosk by Visualnet Media is a feature-packed payment kiosk, designed by Visualnet to be one of the most modular solutions available. Built with State of the art Technology along with highly secure fraud mitigation, our Indoor and Outdoor Kiosk units are affordable and user friendly.

The FastGovPay Kiosk is available in multiple
colors and can also be Branded with your Logo
or Seal


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