Mobile Phone Backup

Easy upload and secure download

Instant cut, copy, or paste folders/files between your local computer or phone and your account No more waiting! Simply upload/download many files/folders at once, our product will perform it in a sequential order, Supports all Browsers and you can send large Files securely

extend capacity of your devices

Need more Space? Simply connect your phone or tablet with our handy app and you can access all your Pictures, Music, Videos, and Documents from your smart phone. Always available, never run out of space again! Never be caught on the road or at a clients office without your documents - ever again!

Key Features


Share a file among your friends and clients via a private/shared link without the need for user credentials The shared link could be set with a expiration date as well as a password for the privacy concern.


Files to big for email? No problem your account comes with a built in Large file send tool that can also be password protected.

Easy to use Mobile Storage and File Sharing

Visualnet Rackstaion total storage control

DSFile is an easy-to-use file management tool that allows you to upload, download, and manage files and folders. Because Rackstation can be accessed with a web browser, you can manage files and folders from Your Phone anywhere with an Internet connection!