Digital Forensic Audit & Discovery

We Assess all hardware involved in your network to make sure it is working properly, up to date, and up to par with industry standards to ensure a smooth and speedy workspace.

After your network and Hardware is analyzed without serious intrusions next we run our system maintenance utilities that will clean and optimize your systems performance along with checking for breaches and improperly configured software programs that slow and use up unnecessary system resources to further bring your network up to par.

Key Features


Each Digital Forensic Audit is preformed by a Cyber security  IT professional with 20+ years of experience.


Our Audit gives you a roadmap to see exactly what is going on with your network and machines. and the next steps to bring your work or home environment to next level and security and speed.


With our Professional expertise you can rest easy knowing exactly what is going on with your network and the steps needed to restore/upgrade your environment to top industry standards.

First Steps in A Digital Forensic Audit (Discovery)

One of the first steps required when seeking to have a more secure and private IT (internet technology) system is to find out what is happening behind the scenes with your technology, devices, software, connections etc. The most important rule you can understand is that you're only as strong as your weakest link. The problem today is most people and businesses don't realize how compromised their technologies truly are even if they still appear to operate without issues. It's not a matter of if you will have to deal with your technologies and security, privacy etc. it's only a matter of time.

The reality is, without a proper technology audit you are only hoping and praying that your system is up to date, secure, robust and sanitized of any bad actors, viruses or other nefarious means by which your security is compromised. The sooner you locate future issues the more peace of mind you will have when doing your daily business and communication activities.

This is serious business and the cyber war and info-security breaches are beyond most people's imagination. The fact you are here says you understand these facts and are looking to be proactive in how you manage your systems efficiency and security going forward.

This Initial Discovery stage is a one on one meeting with some simple questions that we will walk you through to understand the basic Network capabilities, your hardware, and a Vulnerability Assessment to see if your Machines are up to industry standards.

Next steps: After Discovery. Optimize, clean and protect.

The Forensic Audit Phase

Reveals your systems issues, threats security and privacy breaches. This data allows for the corrections of  performance and security issues encountered and how they were optimized. The following bullet points below are some of the maintenance and improved performance benefits you will receive post audit.

We Install Our VMI Security Suite, and get to work on your network. which Provides the following:

  • Automatically optimizes your PC's processing power, memory and hard drive when you launch high-demand apps to help give you a smoother gaming, editing and streaming experience.
  • Cleans and speeds up your PC by fixing common issues that can cause frustrating slowdowns or crashes.
  • Identifies and helps you remove unwanted startup programs that slow you down
  • Frees up space on your hard drive to allow you faster access to programs
  • Helps you securely dispose of personal documents while preventing others access to them.
  • Helps maintain your digital privacy by enabling you to erase your browser file downloads
  • Easy to use interface that lets you perform 1-Click Optimization for your PC
  • Automated PC care that works when your PC is idle for continued automatic maintenance.
  • Review Internet Browsers Security and Best practices.
  • Discovery of Personal Identity Breaches and Identity threats
  • We Install and run Our

    While your technician is running your System Maintenance and assisting in sanitizing and optimizing your system to run at its highest performance, our Cyber Security Software will install and load an advanced Anti-Virus Inoculation Engine and run a Deep Scan check on all your files and folders to determine the infiltration level of threats on your system. Our Web Protect System will simultaneously be checking and documenting all browser paths and threat levels of activity in your current browser usage. In order to catch everything and get a good diagnosis the process will run overnight and the results will be shared the next business day.