Digital Forensic Audit & Discovery

We Assess all hardware involved in your network to make sure it is working properly, up to date, and up to par with industry standards to ensure a smooth and speedy workspace.

After your network and Hardware is analyzed without serious intrusions next we run our system maintenance utilities that will clean and optimize your systems performance along with checking for breaches and improperly configured software programs that slow and use up unnecessary system resources to further bring your network up to par.

Key Features


Each Digital Forensic Audit is preformed by a Cyber security  IT professional with 20+ years of experience.


Our Audit gives you a roadmap to see exactly what is going on with your network and machines. and the next steps to bring your work or home environment to next level and security and speed.


With our Professional expertise you can rest easy knowing exactly what is going on with your network and the steps needed to restore/upgrade your environment to top industry standards.

what we perform in a Digital Forensic Audit

  • 1) Security and Privacy Assessment
  • 2) Performance and maintenance Assessment
  • 3) Vulnerability assessment
  • 4) Probability assessment
  • 5) Risk Assessment

6) Deep Forensic system analysis