Software Escrow services

specific custom software needs

During the initial setup of a software escrow key aspects of the agreement need to be discussed and agreed upon. When should the escrow materials be released? What can the licensee do with the escrow materials once they are released? How often will the materials be updated? What testing should be conducted on the materials?

tailor the software

After the software escrow is setup, the escrow materials should be promptly delivered to Visualnet Media. These materials should contain, but are not limited to: source code, documentation and any other important materials required to get the software running in the event of a release.

Key Features


Establishes confidence by addressing the concerns of the prospective licensees (those concerns may be unspoken)


of source code and other materials with one company instead of scattered across multiple customers


The ability and legal right to maintain, update and enhance mission critical software with Reduced chance of significant interruption of, or damage to, its business. Eliminate concerns regarding the software vendor's capabilities, leading to a more fluid business continuity.

How we handle your Software in Escrow

A release condition such as the software vendor's bankruptcy has occurred and now the licensee needs the source code to continue using the critical piece of software.

Visualnet Media will promptly release the materials to the licensee following the terms agreed upon in the escrow agreement.

If a software license terminates without a release condition occurring then the materials can either be returned to the software vendor or destroyed depending on the software vendor's wishes.

We also run continuous updates the the escrow so as new versions of the software are developed corresponding updates to the escrow occur.

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