Benefits of a Managed Anti-Virus

Comprised of intrusion prevention, proactive detection and behavioral analysis. Encompassing more than just anti-virus, this solution supports full endpoint security.

Key Features


With our Managed Anti-Virus you can rest assured that all your servers, PCs and laptops are always protected and that there is a group of dedicated experts taking care of it for you 24/7.

Why Choose our Managed Anti-Virus?

We include enterprise class endpoint software, monitored by us 24/7, and managed by a team of technical experts that will provide you with regular reports to ensure you can see that the devices in your business are protected at all times!

A security incident can stop you from being 100% productive at work. This costs the company a lot of money in lost productivity and in opportunity costs. A virus can hit many machines and take weeks to eradicate. Removing this risk will save you money!

Threats facing business owners without Managed Anti-virus

How our managed Anti-Virus service is different from just installing a retail Anit-Virus Solution

There are many features and benefits to a Managed Solution in which are outlined Above, however the main difference is that not all Viruses, Adware, Mal-ware, Ransomware can be eliminated by simply setting up the scan. Non-managed service scans basically can detect and in most cases Quarantine a threat, but many threats require the system to be cleaned either manually or via a subsequent cleaner program that will eradicate the threat from the system and registry etc. The problem with this is that most companies never check the Quarantine on the local computer and even less deal with cleaning that threat properly. Because of this manual intervention that is needed in many cases, the threat can move throughout your Network and create many problems affecting productivity for your business.

What we do is monitor all the threats coming into your system and we can see and evaluate the severity of that threat, clean it properly, and also advise you in most cases what the security vulnerability was that caused the threat to come into your machine to begin with so we can assist you in further protecting your Network.

"Almost 50% of SMBs shut down external network access during serious external attacks; for many SMBs, this can cause crippling revenue loss." - Gartner

Overview of our Managed Anti-Virus

  • Provides proactive and comprehensive security
  • Centralizes the deployment and updating of software to ensure coverage and maximum efficientcy
  • Automates management processes to avoid errors and reduce costs
  • Leverages expert IT skills

"95% of small and midsize businesses have an anti- virus installed, but 74% still experienced attacks last year!"

Our Managed anti-virus not only is cost effective but also protects from the following.

  • Ransomware
  • Network Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Data Theft
  • Phishing Aattacks
  • Email Spam and Malware
  • Unpatched Devices