Data Facility Management

We can design your rack space in our cabinet or we can design a complete cabinet of your own. We can navigate you thru the complexity from beginning to end.

Their might be a Compliance or Security reason you would rather own and operate your own cabinet in the facility. We can help. Our expert team can negotiate your contract with the colocation facility, assist in all the requirements you will need based on our experience, and of course make sure you are getting the best possible price for what you are paying for.

Your cabinet or ours, you still might need an Engineer to manage the cabinet in the facility for you. We can help. We can contract our services to you on an ala cart basis, or on a full time basis. Use us were you need us to be.

Key Features


Ok so sometimes events happen and you can not connect to your Server remotely. We have on-site techs that can help on anything from simply rebooting your server to full Engineering debug of the situation. Rest assured you are not alone and take comfort that all your maintenance, no matter what the emergency is covered by qualified technicians.


If you choose that your own cabinet is right for you but need services for example like Backup and Disaster Recovery, Microsoft Exchange Email or Firewall Services, we can cross connect your Cabinet to one of ours so you can take advantage of the cost savings and flexibility of our infrastructure yet have your own complete independence.


We can assist you in the art of understanding and getting IP blocks as well as managing your DNS records. Making sure digital assets are pointed properly as well as secure is second nature for us. We can help.

Facility Management

We know facility management can be quite overwhelming to companies without the in-house technical expertise to assist them in navigating the many options and configurations available. Understanding the Big Picture of how all the pieces fit together is what we specialize in. Many companies know how important their hosting is but simply do not know how to get there securely and cost effectively for their particular business requirements. We can help you design a plan that fits your business, not try to cram your business into a hosting plan that is just a cookie cutter designed for the masses.

Basically our plans breakdown into 3 different hosting abilities. They are to either host your website, applications, and email onto our hosted platform, or to have your own independently owned Server reside in our facility on our racks in our cabinets, or to let us design and negotiate your own cabinet and assist you in running and managing your own facility.

Whatever is right for you we can help. We have the technical expertise to guide you, call us today and let us get you pointed in the right direction for your business.

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