Assessment Modules

Visualnet Vulnerability Assessment System

Our Vulnerability Assessment System scans your entire network, this includes all your servers, workstations, printers, switches, routers and all devices connected to your subnet. Our System breaks down into three Modules that can be run independently or together depending on your company needs generating in depth comprehensive Reports to give you valuable insight into your network, network security and compliancy.

In short our in depth Network Assessment will provide information on all vulnerabilities of your network and generate a list of easy to read reports that are listed below.

Below are links to learn about each module and the reports they generate. PDF Samples of all of our reports are downloadable for your review from the links below

CLick on the Links Below to Learn more about each assessment module

Our Network assessment module scans your entire network and generates a series of reports for you to better understand your network topology, assets, devices, security and in depth information.

Our Security assessment module scans your entire network and generates a series of reports for you to better understand your security vulnerabilities throughout your network.

Our HIPAA Assessment Module collects all of the information necessary to insure that you are doing the right things to ensure compliance with all of the security and many of the privacy provisions of HIPAA. But of even greater value is the AUTOMATIC generation of all the primary and secondary documents that are required under the law. The Visualnet HIPAA Compliance module seamlessly merges the results of all the automated network data collection, plus the supplemental information you enter from your own personal observations, and automatically pulls it all together seamlessly into beautifully organized reports designed specifically to meet HIPAA documentation requirements.

The Visualnet PCI Compliance Module provids the finest in PCI Assessment, Remddiation, ASV certified Scanning and mandatory compliance documentation. Access Cardholder Data Environments (CDE) and perform PCI pre-audits - Document, prioritize, and remediate PCI related security vulnerabilities - Produce an ASV certified scan directly from our Servers - Get monthly change order reporting to provide ongoing compliance and mandatory documentation