Synology Chat with Visualnet Rackstation

managed cloud storage and backup

Administrators can flexibly turn on the end-to-end encryption feature, allowing users to set a passphrase for private channels and conversations. All the encrypted messages are safely stored on the server and cannot be viewed by administrators.

managed cloud storage and backup

Instant cut, copy, or paste folders/files between your local computer or phone and your account No more waiting! Simply upload/download many files/folders at once, our product will perform it in a sequential order, Supports all Browsers and you can send large Files securely

managed cloud storage and backup

Chat offers a web browser client and brand-new desktop client designed for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. With the iOS and Android mobile apps, you can communicate with others anytime, anywhere.

Included Features

Key Features


Make an important message a post so that channel members will never miss it. You can even comment on a post if you want to initiate a further discussion.


Bookmark a message if you want to read it later, simply like a to-do list. If you wish to label something for all the channel members, hashtag would be very helpful.


With the integration of Synology Calendar and Video Station, you can easily create an event via the detected date/time format in your message with few clicks. By leveraging the video player from Video Station, videos can be playback directly in the browser without downloading.

Perfectly integrates with your IT environment

Visualnet Rackstaion total storage control

Chat supports Windows AD and LDAP and can seamlessly integrate with your existing account system. Employees can log in to Chat directly, without needing any additional registration or email verification.

With webhook integration, Chat can serve as an activity hub to centralize all the IT system notifications. In addition, configuring the incoming and outgoing webhooks and bots can turn Chat into a notification center for monitoring IT services and the automated information communication channels.

Chat plugin allows you to directly communicate with your colleagues when you are collaboratively editing and reviewing texts in Document and Spreadsheet, saving the hassle of needing to switch between tabs and optimizing work efficiency.

Compatibility with the current IT environment is crucial when deploying an on-premises solution. Synology Chat is flexible enough to fit into all kinds of IT environments.


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