Advantages of Remote Desktop

Business can connect multiple different users Home computers to multiple different work computers and resources from multiple locations.

Connect you home Computer and Laptop to our Office computer.

Easy to use Web interface that controls which systems to connect to. Low cost of entry for the most powerful tools!

Key Features


Remote desktop services enable businesses to store their company data and desktops in the cloud. As a result, employees and managers can access desktops from any device.


Employees who feel in control of their work performance and environment are more likely to be motivated to tackle projects efficiently. Streamlined project completion and results can maximize your business's entire productivity levels.


Using remote desktop services rather than a single-location desktop system can save you money in the long run. Remote services don't require nearly as much IT attention as standard desktop services.


With remote desktop services, you don't have to worry about configuration of any kind. All employees have to do is connect their own devices to our cloud-based remote desktop service.

Why Choose our Remote Desktop Services?

Remote computer access services allow an employee to remotely control a computer physically located at your business via Visualnet's Server System. When the two computers are connected, applications and data remain on your office computer, and your network's cyber security measures are enforced.


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